1. Remove all attainable spider webs around eaves, gutters, & light fixtures
2. Treat around eaves and lighting with cobweb duster for long-term spider web control
3. Spray doors & entry ways for spiders and pests
4. Inspect for and eliminate insect entry points such as crawl space & foundation areas
5. Inspect and eliminate ants and pests
6. Inspect and eliminate outdoor decor near the home for ants & pests
7. Inspect and eliminate around high moisture areas for ants, spiders, & pests
8. Apply bait for ants, crickets, & pests
9. Apply bait for outdoor roaches, ants, & pests
10. Eliminate spiders, ants & pests around attainable windows
11. Eliminate spiders & pests around attainable light fixtures
12. Inspect for rodents and apply treatment if needed
13. Inspect and eliminate attainable stinging insect nests near living areas
14. Inspect and eliminate pests from patios & play areas
15. Inspect and eliminate pests around detached structures including the mailbox
16. Apply bait for ants and pests around patios
17. Eliminate flying insects around attainable windows & doors
18. Inspect and eliminate ants & insects around waste areas (trash receptacles)
19. Inspect and eliminate attainable mosquito breeding areas
20. Eliminate mosquitoes with misting system around decks, fences, & other flat surfaces
21. Establish a flea & tick barrier around the perimeter of the property
22. Eliminate aphids and other turf pests
23. Inspect and eliminate fire ants on property
24. Inspect and eliminate attainable stinging insect nests on the property
25. Inspect and eliminate spiders with misting system all through the property