Protect Yourself from Pests this Cold Season

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November 20, 2014
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March 5, 2015
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Protect Yourself from Pests this Cold Season


It’s a cold weather must: Protect your pipes, plants and pets. But there’s another “p” you can add to the list that you want to protect yourself from this cold season: pests.

When outside temperatures drop, all kinds of unwanted pests can make their way into your warm home. These rodents and critters have two main entry points into your home when the temperatures drop. One is any small opening at the bottom of your garage door; the other is any gap in the air conditioning pipes that run into your home and up your attic.

At ProCore Pest Control, we have been busy spraying, baiting and trapping pests since┬áthe cold front moved in to the Greenville, SC area. Please contact us today to set up your pest control service(s) before your “unwanted friends” invade your home.

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